Consultations are very much like the problems treated, some take longer than others.  Tanya's aim is to conduct the initial consultation within an hour to two hours.  The time will very much depend on the number of problems and how severe they are.  


Consultations are conducted in your home and local area.

A full history regarding your pet and the problem will be taken.

Assessment through history taking and observation will take place.

A provisional diagnosis and outline of the advice will be given during the consultation.

Dog cases: - Dog consultations are split into three sections.  This is because a degree of practical skills and knowledge will need to be acquired in order for you to continue with the treatment programme.  Initial consultation lasting about one to two hours.  This time is spent discussing the problem/s in-depth and taking a full history.  Following this consultation Tanya will provide you with the initial recommendations for the treatment programme.  A second hourly session of a more practical nature is booked usually about two weeks later.  A final practical session is booked approximately one month later, this session lasts an hour. In some cases further sessions may be recommended.

Recommendations are adapted to the client's and pets individual circumstances.

Veterinary Referral

Tanya works through veterinary referral as it is important to exclude or identify any medical cause that may be related to the behaviour problem.   Speak to your veterinary surgeon and explain that your pet has behaviour problems and you would like an appointment with Tanya Jeffery. Your vet will then contact Tanya or may give you a referral slip so that you can make the appointment direct. You may also take a referral slip to your vet for him/her to complete and give back to you.

Booking a consultation

  • Make an appointment to see your veterinary surgeon. During the appointment tell the veterinary surgeon you are experiencing problems with your pet and ask them to refer you to Tanya using the referral form.
  • Contact Tanya to have an initial discussion regarding your pet's behaviour and to arrange a consultation date.
  • Tanya will send you a letter confirming the appointment date, requesting a deposit to secure the appointment.
  • If your pet has insurance, do check with your insurer whether the consultation will be covered.
  • Additional charges: - Please note that parking charges will be added to the cost of your consultation.
  • Mileage - A charge of 40 per mile for travelling ten miles out of the Brighton area will be added to your consultation fee.

After the consultation

Following our consultation you will receive a full written report as a working document to refer to at each stage of the treatment programme, normally within two weeks of the consultation. The referring veterinary surgeon will also receive a copy. 

Will I get further help?

Yes, at the end of the consultation an initial date will be agreed with you to contact Tanya. This provides you with the opportunity to discuss any relevant issues and how things are progressing.  This telephone support is free and will continue until you are ready to go it alone!  Of course you can contact Tanya when you feel it necessary.

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