Is your pet's behaviour a problem?



What is problem behaviour?



Problematic behaviour is any behaviour which is a problem to the owner.


Does your dog steal items?

Does your dog bark, howl or cause  damage when left at home alone?

Is your dog aggressive towards people or other dogs?

Does your dog guard its food or objects?

Does your dog drive you mad in the car?

Does your dog chase anything that moves?

Does your dog bark at anything and everything?

Does your dog display strange behaviours?

Does your dog snap at you or bite you when you touch it?










Is the furniture or carpet your cat’s favourite place to scratch?

Does your cat behave aggressively towards you when you stroke it or groom it?

Does your cat fight with its housemate?

Does your cat mess indoors?

Does your cat spray/urine mark indoors?

Does your cat think you are a play thing?

Does your cat eat inedible or strange objects?

Does your cat spend hours over grooming itself?

Does your cat display strange behaviours?


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