Pet Suitability Profiling

One of the easiest things to do is to research the pet you think may be suitable for you, before you buy.  I can help! 


Pet suitability profiling is a tailor made service that helps you and your family decide on the best type of pet for your life style, time available and living environment.  This may be an adult rescue dog or the purchase of a puppy.  Tanya can advise on the breed most suitable for you, give you insight into the types of issues that some breeds may pose, for example if you don’t have the time to groom your cat daily then a long haired cat may not be suitable or a dog that needs grooming regularly or taking to the groomers each month.  Some dogs need a lot of exercise per day and others can be happy on shorter walks.  Some breeds of dogs and cats need plenty of mental stimulation others prefer to be couch potatoes. Some dogs are more easily trainable than others.  Some dogs are suitable to live in a town, others prefer the outdoor life.  All of these things need to be considered when buying a new pet and its better to consider before you end up with a pet that on reflection was not suitable. 


Environmental Enrichment

Problem Prevention Advice



Domestic pets have a difficult job.  They are often expected to live happily in the world we make for them, but this can and does cause problems.  Some of these problems can be helped greatly with some basic knowledge of the animals ‘natural’ environment and behaviours.   


Environmental Enrichment can help with small animals that are kept caged or have limited freedom, such enrichment can help keep your pet happy and decrease problem behaviour due to a restricted environment and opportunities to display natural behaviours.    This service is suitable for any domestic species, cats, dogs, horses and ponies, small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, mice, gerbils or rats or feathered varieties such as parrots, budgies, even other more unusual pets can be catered. Please call to discuss. One off visit and information sheets provided.  


It is easier to prevent problems than to fix them!


Problem Prevention Advice gets you started in the right way.  One way to do this is to seek help before you notice that perhaps things are not going as well as you expected. Is it impossible to get your cat into its basket to visit the vet?  Problem prevention can be anything from making sure you start in the right way with house-training your new puppy, to advising on how to introduce your puppy to visitors or how to help your pet (cat, dog or small animal) to accept and be relaxed when being handled.

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